Escape for a weekend or a few days! We have bundled some special moments in attractive packages for you.


Ready to go on holiday? Fancy a break in the Black Forest, with an all-inclusive package as your preference? In the Bergvital Hotel we offer you some enchanting packages – getaways: for cyclists and walkers, for families and romantics, for the active and relaxation seekers.

spoling moments

Oftentimes the bits and bobs are the ones which stay in mind. Make each other a gift and collect some beautiful moments and memories

jubilee special

Just relax and enjoy the peace of the High Black Forest and the idyllic landscape in and around Todtnauberg.

The High Black Forest – the ideal holiday destination for those looking for relaxation or action and hiking enthusiasts and snow lovers!

Höhenwandern  im Bergdorf

Get close to nature and get to know the Black Forest in its original form. With your rucksack strapped on, all you need now is comfortable footwear and the enjoyment of the beautiful spectacles in nature.

Höhenwandern  im Bergdorf

Dense forests, clear lakes, fantastic views. The Black Forest is a natural spectacle of a special kind and is reflected in every season at its best.

Höhenwandern  im Bergdorf

Escape everyday life on a short break in the mountains. Breathe some healthy air, walk through the woods and the meadows and feel the sun on your skin.

Höhenwandern  im Bergdorf

Enjoy with us the wintry stillness of the Christmas season, the most festive time of the year.

Höhenwandern  im Bergdorf

Spend a festive New Year’s Eve in a cosy atmosphere and enjoy the culinary highlights in the mountain village of Todtnauberg.

Bergzauber- Wellness für zwei
Whether feeling butterflies in your stomach, or floating on cloud seven or seeing the world through rose-tinted glasses –
there are so many words for love, just let the actions speak for themselves!