Holidays in the Black Forest are never boring; there are countless attractions waiting for you to discover. Even a small trip to Todtnau always resembles a small adventure.

This steep pass is rewarding with its open rock formations, diverse nature and far-reaching views from the Black Forest down to the Rhine valley. The Bergvital Hotel is located in Ennerbach, one of the highest spots in Todtnauberg and offers an incredible view over the Black Forest. Start from here to see the beautiful natural scenery, interesting towns and cultural highlights.

Todtnau Waterfall

At 97 metres high, the Todtnau Waterfall is the highest natural waterfall in Germany. Over several cascades between Todtnauberg and Aftersteg the Stübebach stream plunges into the depths. Enjoy its pleasant cooling breeze in summer and explore the crystal clear icicles in winter – a real experience in every season.

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The Klösterle Heritage Museum

The building from the 18th Century was once a tannery and was to be demolished in 1980. However, the local population fought against it and in 1988, the Heritage Museum was opened there. In addition to the exhibited devices and everyday objects, the visitor can learn details about customs, traditions and the life of yesteryear.

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Mt. Schauinsland

The Schauinsland is the mountain of Freiburg. Be suspended on the Schauinsland cable railway up to the mountain station. From there your tour begins; first to the lookout tower featuring a great panoramic view of the Black Forest. This is about experiencing 400 years of the Black Forest history by visiting the “Schniederlihof”; of course, the Schauinsland, the largest silver mine in southern Germany, now a museum site, won’t be missing when you visit Schauinsland.

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Lake Titisee

The world-renowned Lake Titisee is located 30km from the Bergvital Hotel. It is located at an altitude of 850 metres and is one of the largest low mountain lakes in Germany. Enjoy the panoramic view and take a boat and head out to the middle of the lake. On land, a true souvenir hunter finds everything his heart desires

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Black Forest City of Freiburg

Freiburg, the city with the Bächle stream, the narrow streets and the mild Mediterranean climate. The downtown atmosphere is best sensed from pavement cafés busy with students, visitors and residents in all seasons. The "greenest" city in Germany is innovative, surprising and simply picturesque. You should not miss the numerous places to go in the market around the Freiburg Münster.

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The Hüsli Heritage Museum

Just like in the past, the Black Forest Clinic Series is simply a cult today. During the filming, the former summer residence of the concert singer Helene Siegfried served as the residence of the series’ main character Professor Brinkmann. The lovingly and meticulously arranged facility makes the heart of any kitsch fan beat faster.

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Triberg – Germany's highest waterfalls and cuckoo clock

Germany's highest waterfalls are waiting for you in Triberg. Through seven cascades and in a length of 163m, the water of the Gutach stream plunges down and offers an impressive spectacle of nature. And if you ever find yourself in Triberg, you absolutely must visit to the world's biggest cuckoo clock.

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St. Blasien Dome

The impressive cathedral dominates the town of St. Blasien. Its dome has a diameter of 36 metres, making it one of the largest in Europe. Tours through the Blasius Cathedral are held regularly. In the summer, music lovers can enjoy the exceptional acoustics of the Dome Concerts.

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