Massage, a royal discipline

Hot stones, chocolate, herbs and oils help when we leave you to thrive in the professional hands of our Bergvital Hotel massage staff.

Sometimes it is hardly more than a caress, sometimes we are a little stronger: During your massage we will stretch, knead, press as well as pull both your skin and the connective tissue to treat your muscles purposefully.

In the hands of our trained massage professionals the tensions in your limbs, neck and back dissolve slowly and give way to pleasure. Your skin gets efficiently supplied with blood, while your vessels and muscles gain elasticity. A well-executed massage has also a positive effect on your mind!

Massage with aroma oil

A blessing: The oils used have a smoothing and firming effect. This massage increases the circulation, relieves tension and strengthens the blood vessels and muscles. Feel the relaxing and calming effect.

Full Body Massage (50 Min.) 59,00 €
Partial Body Massage (30 Min.) 39,00 €


Hot Stone Massage

Differently sized, heated basalt stones are placed on the energy points of the body. Supported by the massage movements, muscle cramps are relieved and blood circulation improved.

Full Body Massage (75 Min.) 89,00 €
Partial Body Massage (30 Min.) 44,00 €


Herbal Compress Massage

With our herbal massage, the heated and soaked herbs generate active substances through the warmth of which the soothing and relaxing effect is increased. The treatment improves circulation, detoxifies and de-acidifies.

Wellness period of 50 Minuten 79,00 €


Hot Chocolate Massage

The calming stimulation of chocolate is transferred to your skin. Then your body will feel silky soft and nourished.

Wellness period of 50 Minuten 69,00 €



Muscle tension and deep-seated adhesions are gently and effectively relieved by massaging, heat and cupping techniques. What you feel then is the lightness of your muscles.

Wellness period of 50 Minuten 69,00 €


Energetic Foot Massage

The pressure point massage on the feet stimulates the activity of certain organs and can usually unfold a salutary effect. Tensions and blockages dissolve, while the energy can flow freely again and overall well-being sets in.

Wellness period of 50 Minuten 64,00 €


Bergvital Massage

A special massage technique consisting of pressure-points and string massage techniques in combination with fragrant massage oils for a unique wellness experience.

Wellness period of 50 Minuten 59,00 €


Babor Spa Shop

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