For a radiant appearance: Facial Treatments

Pamper your face during your stay at the Bergvital Hotel with a targeted treatment or an all-round feel-good package!

The essence of a human can be read in his/her features; even the skin on the face may sometimes tell more than one would prefer. It is in your power to give your face radiant freshness – what we offer you is our professional support.

A deep cleansing clears the skin’s texture. Active ingredients in the masks, massage oils and creams repair minor damage to the skin and fill in the necessary reserves again. A delicate massage revitalizes the cells. Hardly noticeable changes in the eyelashes and eyebrows emphasize the harmony of your face.

After a facial treatment performed by our specialists at the Bergvital Hotel you will feel relaxed and invigorated. A quick check in the mirror: Is that me? How nice!

Smart Facial Treatment

The Smart Facial Treatment is especially suitable for spa novices since it is very short and does not require a detailed consultation. The facial treatment includes: Cleansing, peeling, active concentrate, massage, mask and day care.

Wellness period of 40 minutes 49,00 €


Classic Facial Treatment

The all-round package for your face makes your skin radiate!
This treatment includes: Skin diagnosis, 2-phase cleaning, vitality check, peeling, active concentrate, eyebrow shaping, eye care, facial / décolleté and neck massage, mask and a little care for the hands.

Wellness period of 75 minutes 79,00 €


Deluxe Facial Treatment

Let your skin enjoy a firming lifting treatment.
This treatment includes: HSR Lifting and "The extra-class anti-aging treatment" cleansing, circulation mask, vitality check, enzyme peeling, eyebrow shaping, massage and active concentrate, fleece mask, neck / hand and arm massage, final care.

Wellness period of 90 minutes 119,00 €


Clean & Fresh Treatment

Removing skin impurities. Skin cleansing, peeling, clarifying ampoule, mask and final treatment.

Wellness period of 30 minutes 44,00 €


Babor Spa Shop

In the WELLNest of the Mangler Bergvital Hotel, you will be pampered by the Wellness Team with products supplied by BABOR. BABOR has pioneered professional skin care.

With their expert knowledge, the secrets of the finest natural ingredients are translated into luxury skincare of the highest efficacy and tolerability.

The result of 55 years of tradition: Individual Care System Made in Germany.

Indulge yourself at home with this exclusive skincare line.

Here you reach the BABOR Shop

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