Regenerative body treatments

Among the sense organs the skin is a real sensitive soul. At the Bergvital Hotel we treat it therefore with extra delicacy.

As a delicate protective cover of a rich inner life, your skin withstands adverse influences and longs for tender loving care. At the Bergvital Hotel we treat your skin gently and lovingly.

Various beneficial care wraps and scrubs are skillfully and gently applied by our specialists. They do this to remove dry skin cells, stimulate cell renewal, gently soothe your stressed skin and bring moisture and nutrients again. You can feel it yourself: Your skin becomes smoother, softer, more resistant.

Alpine Herbs Peeling

A gentle cleansing and nourishing peeling from local mountain herbs.

Wellness period of 30 minutes 39,00 €


Anti-Ageing Cream Peeling

Skin cells are gently removed and the skin's metabolism is activated.

Wellness period of 30 minutes 44,00 €


Black Forest Hay Flower Soft Pack

Queen of the Mountains. A mild, lasting perfume for muscle relaxing, anti-inflammatory and muscle ache-mitigation. Ideal after sports or hiking.

Wellness period of 30 minutes 44,00 €


Barbor Vitamin Body Cream Package

Body wraps from precious ingredients. It stimulates cell renewal, leaving a soothed skin.

Wellness period of 30 minutes 44,00 €


Body Firming Treatment

Already the optimal peeling preparations are making the skin become more even, smooth and velvety soft. Subsequently, a body pack rich in active ingredients is applied. Now you relax on our soft pack bed. The final massage intensifies the anti-ageing effect and the feel-good factor.

Wellness period of 75 minutes 99,00 €


Clean Back

Deep-cleansing treatment for your back. Purifying, soothing package plus small relaxing back massage.

Wellness period of 50 minutes 64,00 €


Our TIP: Recommended before every massage and peeling!

Babor Spa Shop

In the WELLNest of the Mangler Bergvital Hotel, you will be pampered by the Wellness Team with products supplied by BABOR. BABOR has pioneered professional skin care

With their expert knowledge, the secrets of the finest natural ingredients are translated into luxury skincare of the highest efficacy and tolerability.

The result of 55 years of tradition: Individual Care System Made in Germany.

Indulge yourself at home with this exclusive skincare line.

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